Kitchen #1

Benchtop 1: Stainless steel with welded in sinks, custom made

Benchtop 2: Sheoak Timber

Drawerfronts: painted dark grey/green

Kitchen #2

Benchtop: Stainless steel with insert sink

Doorfronts: vinylwrapped doors with a small chamfer

Jarrah veneered bookcases on the backside of the kitchen

Kitchen #3

Benchtop : Jarrah Timber

Drawerfronts: Jarrah doors with bookmatched timberpanels

Kitchen #4

Benchtop: Granite

Drawerfronts : painted white

Kitchen #5

Benchtop: Laminated with 90 degree square edge

Drawerfronts: painted green

Kitchen #6

Benchtop: Granite

Doorfronts: Fiddleback Sycamore veneered board with American maple solid timber edging

Kitchen #7

Benchtop: Laminated postformed benchtop with metallcorners

Drawerfronts: colourboard round edged

Kitchen #8

Benchtops: Solid Marri/Redgum

Drawerfronts: Solid Timber Marri/Redgum

Kitchen #9

Benchtop1: Stainless Steel

Benchtop 2:Laminated benchtop with solid timber jarrah edging

Drawerfronts: Coloured Board with round edges

Kitchen #10

Benchtop 1: Laminate with solid timber

Benchtop 2: Granite

Benchtop 3: American Cherry on the breakfast bar

Drawerfronts: Fiddleback sycamore with American Cherry solid timber edging

Kitchen #11

Benchtops : Stainless Steel with welded in sinks, custom made

Doorfronts: Coloured Board

Kitchen #12

Benchtops:Laminated Benchtops with cut off corners

Drawerfronts : Pine timber

Cabinet Work


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